As Chronesthesians we have been shown behind the curtain of time by our founder Garret Morgan.  We use the Chronesthesian technology pioneered by him to engineer and travel within time and bend it for our own benefit, and for the benefit of others.  These powers are not unknown to you or unattainable, rather born into you and like any ability can be practiced and perfected.  Chronesthesia is your brains ability to place itself into memory or imagine itself in time, by honing this technique we are able to gain information or chronesthesian waves from deep within time.  This ability sets humankind and especially Chronesthesians apart from the animals and is the key to our meaning and longevity. To Learn more about Chronesthesia, ask one.

This Project was created by Evan Ross Murphy and powered with a grant from Beam Center, with special help from Morgan Street,and the tireless efforts of the campers and staff of that organization, an interdisciplinary arts learning environment and summer camp in Strafford New Hampshire.  To learn more about Beam CLICK HERE

Poem by: Simon Rabatin

Photo Credits:

Sam Penney

Danny Kahn

David Golann

Morgan Street

Jeremy Hawkins

Dexter Cohen

Evan Ross Murphy

Beam Center

Dedicated To Ross Spencer Klippert